Work Learn BalanceErasmusBUS will produce the MODULearn Strategy Document.

The aim of the document is that of defining strategies for the use of Modular Learning as a model for lifelong professional development in the future. It will gather together observations of current trends and future oriented thinking using foresight techniques.

It will be the result of research, observations and collaborative discussion within the partnership and with the education community in the EU and in the world.

It will take into consideration among other things:

- the digital frame of mind of Generation Z and its orientation towards autonomous learning,
- the trend towards binge watching and how specially designed learning content can foster retention of the learner on his / her learning path and
- the use of clever mapping (systems that suggest related modules based on tagging) in Bespoke Training and Modular Learning to help the learner choose the next step in his / her learning path but at the same time choosing logical links between the different independent OER's (similar to video cloud planning) to create viable career paths.